My Tongue is Beginning to Heal!
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Monday managed to make up for its early bitchiness by rewarding me with time to balance my checkbook, scrub the tub/shower, do two huge loads of laundry, and write a Delush review for today.

Next up - pick up my car (ouch), send paperwork to the stupid county assessor's office to prove that NO, that property number is NOT MY CONDO so I don't owe you diddly squat for that delinquent tax bill you sent me for SOMEONE ELSE'S PROPERTY, and oh, do some more laundry, pick up a library book, and return part of a Lands End order to my local Sears store.

The overriding need for me to have my life in order before leaving for vacation is really putting a damper on my sanity. It's not like I had my life in order before...? Whatever. I don't want to come home to a heap of laundry, overdue bills, and a dirty dishwasher. I'm determined to stay organized and keep my head above water.

On the upside, I found up some fudge stripe cookie 100-calorie packs at the grocery store, so things are looking up! Chocolate makes everything better.