An Open Letter
Monday, March 10, 2008
Dear Monday,

This past weekend was a doozy. I was really busy and also sick, and only got three things checked off my to-do list for Sunday. You knew that I was behind, stressed, and trying to do everything and nothing simultaneously.

I did not need this morning's four figure auto repair estimate.

I did not need today's chaotic, hectic workplace schedule.

I do not need you to beat me over the head for the rest of the day.

Please leave me the hell alone. NOW. That is all.


p.s. If you crowd the laundry room tonight, I'll jump into the calendar and kick your everloving ass. Also, I expect you to warn Tuesday to be a good hair day because I'll need something to distract from the fact that I'm wearing lobster print pajamas pants and a hoodie to work because THAT IS ALL THAT IS CLEAN, DAMMIT.