Tag - I'm It!
Monday, March 03, 2008
Holy cow. In my 3.5 years in the blogging world, I have only been tagged to participate in a meme twice. My friend Lynda tagged me today for the "7 Things" meme. God (and Lynda!) know I can't resist a meme, so away we go...

7 Weird Things About Me

1. I really like classical music. Recently, I downloaded some songs off of an album of string music inspired by Appalachian melodies and I can't stop playing it. I feel warm and at home when it's on in the background. Nerdy? Definitely. But that's just me.

2. I am appreciative of my friends for accepting me as I am. I can be really frustrating sometimes - I tend to put my foot in my mouth. When I try to say the right thing, I usually fumble for the appropriate words and end up saying something strange instead. I can be critical. I fixate on things. But I'm also loyal, genuine, caring, and so grateful that my good friends and family recognize this when I'm stuck on "bitch" mode.

3. I am totally comfortable being in front of large groups of people, and completely mortified of small, intimate settings. I spent the better part of 1997-2003 half naked, dancing in front of thousands of people and it never once occurred to me to be nervous. But ask me to dance or sing in front of a group of 10-15 people, and I'll flat out refuse. I won't.

4. I have insanely bad morning breath. For reals. Watch out.

5. Someday, all I want is a healthy family, a warm home, a dog that loves me, and a loving marriage. That's all. Sometimes I think this is too much to ask for. There is so much disappointment, so much unnecessary drama in the world. Is it vain and egocentric to wonder what a more mature life would be like? In short, I'm quickly tiring of the young, single city life and hoping that someday my life will have far more meaning and value than it does now. And a garage. I'd like to have a garage someday.

6. If given the option of any junk food in the entire world, I would without a doubt choose french onion dip and potato chips for dipping. I would pick chips-n-french-onion-dip over CHOCOLATE.

7. I can't stand animated movies. I hate 'em. Boring, stupid, not entertaining. I also hate all things Disney.

And in turn, I tag Joey and anyone else who wants to play along!