Becoming Irritated
Thursday, April 03, 2008
This could be the half-bottle of white wine I drank over the course of this evening, but I just have to get this out. Earlier, I ordered the movie "Becoming Jane" off of Comcast OnDemand Television. It was $4.99, I'm a reluctant fan of all things Austenite, I figured it was a great idea for a quiet Thursday night in.

I was wrong. Not only was the plot calculated and predictable, but the elopement between Jane and Tom seemed rushed and false, in a sense. Anne Hathaway was fantastic - that girl can screw up her fat lips in a thousand combinations of movements that all spell out "distressed." Also, let's address James McAvoy. Hot, hottie, H.O.T. And I'm not saying that as an Anglophile, because in real life, James is Scottish. WIth the hottest Scottish accent I've ever heard - hotter than Sean Connery.

And his name is SEAN. Moving on.

This movie left me enraptured for about an hour and a half, then all of a sudden, it was like there was a race to wrap it up nicely before anyone noticed. Plus *SPOILER ALERT* the ending, where they have Anne Hathaway dressed as if she's aged, and she interacts with James McAvoy and he's looking older and his daughter is named Jane, I REALLY SHOULD HAVE LOVED IT. I should have been in tears at the irony, the missed opportunity, the woe and the unrequited love.

Instead, I was rolling my eyes. What a shame.