Martha Stewart I Most Certainly Am Not: Part Two
Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Why is it that I never seem to use ground beef within the safe window of time after I purchase it? If I buy more than one meal's worth of beef (usually in a spurt of meal planning organization), I inevitably forget that it's purchased and put off making that particular meal until the meat has reached the "I don't know if I should cook this" phase.

Bessie the Cow says, "This would be a non-issue if you were a vegetarian."

For instance: My 1.5 lbs. of ground beef were marked for "sale by March 30th." Today is April 2nd. According to Google and the internet at large, I would need to cook this beef tonight if I wanted to put it in my favorite slow-cooker chili tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm just too nervous to do so, and have therefore decided to throw the meat out. Which wastes both my time (worrying) and money (wasted food). It also makes me feel like an indulgent citizen of the Western world. Also? GUILTY.

So there's several dollars down the drain, and one more thing to do this weekend (i.e. a trip to the store). Dammit!

What say you? Would you have browned the meat, or just played it safe and tossed it in the trash?