Self-Indulgent Rant
Monday, April 21, 2008
Every so often, my nature as a somewhat bossy, inadvertant and accidental know-it-all rears it's very ugly, particular head. I had a conversation with somebody recently (I have no recollection of who it was, seriously - it was in passing) in which we were debating the best treatment of a bloody nose.

My mother is/was a registered nurse for more than 30 years. I grew up knowing the precise reason for certain medical conditions. There was never any use of "cute" slang for body parts, nor did we ever do the discreet two-step when symptoms were occurring. No topics were off limits in our household.

Needless to say, it was REALLY difficult to fake sickness when I wanted to skip a test at school.

So when I hear people rattle off incorrect medical knowledge (especially regarding first aid), I can't help but interject with a mild, usually very polite correction. After all, the proliferation of old wives tales can kill people. Knowing my mother's experience and abilities, I felt comfortable (in this instance) standing on her her medical knowledge.

All I remember about the conversation/debate in question was the look the other person gave me. You know the look - the one a person who is WRONG gives out when they really, obviously, definitely DO NOT believe that the other person has any earthly idea about the topic at hand. It's like a categorical, visual dismissal, guaranteed to make any recipient wither and become irrationally angry. Especially when the recipient is ME.

I usually just let the ignorant party go in moments like this, because let's be real -- nobody likes a know-it-all. Also, in my quest for accuracy, I usually come off sounding like a real bitch who has absolutely NO sense of humor. So it's a lose-lose for me.

In this instance, I'd like to make an exception to my pacifist policy by issuing a correction. Even now, after the fact, it feels good to know that I was right, dammit.

For the record, one should NOT lean back when trying to treat a nosebleed. The best solution (in order to prevent unnecessary ingestion of blood) is the lean slightly forward and apply pressure.

So whoever it was that wasted their hot air arguing with me about how leaning back was the only solution to a nosebleed can bite me.