Stale Air
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Somehow I have yet to experience my annual spring-fueled emotional catharsis. I don't know if it's because of all the yard sale crap that is taking over my apartment (please, God, only four more days until I load it up and haul it away), or the ongoing battle I'm having with a very stubborn dog and very cheap carpet. It could also be my most recent disappointment with the spring issue of Eating Well, which was full of lovely recipes featuring foods that I either (a) don't enjoy, or (b) don't have the appropriate tools to cook.

On the upside, my mother and father bought me my birthday gift really early this year - a new Calphalon 12" everyday pan with lid, and a 12-quart Calphalon stockpot! Both of them can be used in the oven! 12 quarts, bitches - I can brine an entire turkey if I want! I am STOKED, and yes, I realize this makes me a huge nerd.

Apparently I still need to get into the spring spirit, and it's almost May, so time is of the essence! Any thoughts on how to lighten up and get energized?

I'll take any advice ya got.