That's a Good Thing
Monday, April 07, 2008
As part of my ongoing efforts to think positively, here's a list of things I discovered to be "good" or better this weekend:

1. My favorite chili recipe is even better when you switch out the beef and use turkey instead.

2. My niece and nephew (rambunctious as the latter may be at times) remain some of the cutest people on the planet.

3. If you can get the schedules to work for you, the train is an infinitely better option than sitting in traffic on the Edens.

4. Wal-Mart kicks all kinds of ass, if you're not worried about the quality of anything you're buying. If I had kids, I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Seriously. I know they grossly underpay their workers and that their corporate policies are shady, but they are the cheapest shop in town. And you really can't argue with that, now can you? When push comes to shove, I put price above ethics. So sue me.

5. When I'm down in the dumps, spring cleaning makes me feel all kinds of better. It also means that we're having a family yard sale this year. Surprise, mom! I don't have a driveway, so I hope yours is free! Thanks!

6. My dog continues to be cute, all the time. Lately he has been quite the cuddlebug, which I love.

7. Even thought the thought of traveling and spending money stresses me out, I have some pretty awesome plans for domestic travel this year - I really like the way my calendar is shaping up.