Thoughtful Thursday
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I'm not really the type to adopt extreme habits - healthy or otherwise. The exception proves the rule, however, in the case of veal. When I learned what veal really was (and at a young age, I might add), I knew that I would never be able to eat it.

For a short period of time in college and after, my thoughts on animal cruelty (and wanting to be thinner, let's be honest) led me to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. It didn't stick, but to this day, I still have thoughts of the animal that became my hamburger/porterhouse/bbq sandwich/cacciatore. I think I'll always be torn between wanting animal cruelty to stop, and just really, REALLY liking the taste of meat.

I won't say anything else on this topic. Eating is such a loaded, intensely personal decision that every person must make for themselves. I will ask you, however, to consider the following ad (scanned from Newsweek) and think twice about the things you put into your mouth.

(click to enlarge)