Boredom Township: Population 1
Friday, May 02, 2008
Well isn't this just a peachy Friday night.

I'm sitting on the overstuffed, floral couch at my parent's empty house. They're on vacation to Rome and Capri for a week or so - and thank goodness my mother autopopulates her AOL password, or you wouldn't be reading this earth-shatteringly excellent blog entry. (cough)

It is genuinely spooky out here at night. My parents live in a large house and I'll be damned if it doesn't feel like every dark corner is housing a homeless maniac, hellbent on killing me in my sleep. I consider this a sign that I have officially lived in the city for far too long.

As awful for the environment as it might be, you can believe that I turned on pretty much every light possible when I arrived. I also brought along the dog, despite the fact that his guard dog potential is lower than zero. I started my laundry for background noise, turned on the television, and logged onto the internet. Too bad I'm not a phone person, or I'd be idly chatting with some unfortunate friend right now.

If this glass of pinot grigio doesn't kick in soon, I'll be forced to download Bejeweled on my father's laptop. I'd tell you to come visit - bring reinforcements! - but I am 100% sure that a knock at the door would cause me to stroke out. I am that jumpy.

I sincerely hope you're all having a much more interesting Friday night than I am.