In Which I Realize that Drinking While Sewing is Both a Help and a Hazard
Sunday, May 18, 2008
So I was testing out a new pattern tonight - a handbag design by Amy Butler. I cut apart an old bridesmaid dress to test it out and while it ended up being cute, it was no easy task. I sew for enjoyment, but also to maintain and/or increase my less-than-impressive spatial skills.

At one point, I realized that not only had I sewn the handles INTO the body of the bag, but I also had no idea where my seam ripper had gone. I'm also pretty sure I sewed a needle or two into the internal chamber of the bag. Whoops.

I would love to blame it on my choice of fabric (a gorgeous, but SLIPPERY chocolate brown satin), but I think it was mostly me. On the bright side, having had two beers helped not only my patience but also upped my pain tolerance for those inevitable (and frequent) times when I stuck my hand with a straight pin. Awesome.

This is what happens when boredom gets the better of me. Better luck next time, hopefully.