Keep Calm and Carry On
Friday, May 02, 2008
May is proving to be an...interesting month. Sean is away for business until the 31st (India, again) and I find myself grasping at straws for activities to keep myself busy. Not in a 1940's, pining-away-for-my-boyfriend-while-spraying-perfume-on-stationery-used-to-write-him-letters way, but in a constant-i-feel-like-something-is-missing way. It's weird, because I consider myself an independent person and I have plenty of things with which to keep myself busy.

List of things I'm going to do in the month of May:

1. Load up on chick flicks that he would never IN A MILLION YEARS watch with me
2. Go to the Hopper exhibit at the Art Institute
3. Finalize a budget for the upcoming wedding season
4. Get acquainted with my sewing machine again
5. Start Doc in obedience lessons
6. Finish my spring cleaning
7. Have a slumber party with my best friends
8. Host book club
9. Give the dog a bath, already, geez
10. See my sister's new house!
11. Get more sleep - shift my sleep schedule so that I wake up earlier.
12. Stop drinking caffeine after 12pm.
13. Read more books.

What are YOUR goals for the month of May?