May...Hem (an update)
Tuesday, May 06, 2008
So far, so good on my goals for the month of May - here are some updates.

1. Load up on chick flicks that he would never IN A MILLION YEARS watch with me
Currently figuring out which ones to get - P.S. I Love You is def. on the list.

2. Go to the Hopper exhibit at the Art Institute

3. Finalize a budget for the upcoming wedding season

4. Get acquainted with my sewing machine again
Bought a pattern - now I just need fabric and a miracle.

5. Start Doc in obedience lessons
They start the 20th at our local Petsmart.

6. Finish my spring cleaning
In progress - cleaned the shower this morning while I was in it!

7. Have a slumber party with my best friends
This Friday - a belated Cinco de Mayo with the easy Mexican chicken and many Corona Lights w/lime.

8. Host book club

9. Give the dog a bath, already, geez
Done, last night. Now he is softer than a stuffed animal.

10. See my sister's new house!
Done, and it is gorgeous! I am so excited.

11. Get more sleep - shift my sleep schedule so that I wake up earlier.
In progress, working nicely so far.

12. Stop drinking caffeine after 12pm.
I'm down to one can of soda after 12, otherwise this one's almost accomplished.

13. Read more books.
I'm going to start a new one on the train this morning! That's two so far for the month!