Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I've had exactly three haircuts since the great chop of October 2006. One was a maintenance cut on the shaggy pixie I initially got. The next was done about 8 months after that, out of sheer necessity. It was nondescript and designed to go along with the "still growing my hair back" stage. Then, earlier this year, I got blunt cut bangs.

It's been about 3 months since the bangs, and I find myself in DESPERATE need for a cut. Again. I guess I'm really hairy...or something. Whatever. THE POINT IS that my once cute, eye-level bangs are now pushing their way into nostril territory and it's not only incredibly itchy, but the other layers have completely grown out (and together) as well.

Since the ever-fabulous Hair Thursday is booked solid for the next fifty years, I'm going to have to ask you guys instead. Feel free to chime in with any constructive feedback.

Here's what I currently look like (courtesy of a series of poorly edited iPhotobooth images) - do you see the craziness? I'm downright shaggy! I'm also staring at the offending, aforementioned bangs.

The mid-level layer has officially grown out into mushroom-ville. NOT attractive:

So, ladies (and gents, if for some unusual reason you have actually made it this far into the post)...thoughts? I'm game for anything, but thinking perhaps less is more on this go 'round. For the first time, well...EVER, I don't really want to do anything drastic.

Please advise.