Weekend Update with Jamie Jamerkins
Sunday, May 18, 2008
Friday night, the girls and I went to the Old Town School of Folk Music to see one of our favorite artists, Alice Peacock. We may not always agree on things, but we all enjoy her music. Peacock's music speaks to each of us differently, and when she has local dates on her tour schedule, we try to make an effort to see her. Opening for her was Peter Bradley Adams (his website is horrible, so look him up on iTunes if you're curious, or Google for him), who was really great. He certainly has a way with melody, especially on the piano, and I went home humming one of the more catchy tunes. If you've never heard the music of either of these talented singer/songwriters, please lend them your ears. You won't regret it.

Saturday, I putzed and futzed around the house. Laundry, checkbook balancing, cleaning, cooking, and some other stuff was apparently just enough for me to completely miss seeing the Nascar All-Star event. I'm still miffed about that, and now if I want to see the broadcast, I'll have to catch it on SpeedTV at some point. Boo! I thought it was on Sunday! Argh.

This morning, I had the BEST MORNING EVER. Woke up late, wandered over to 7-Eleven for my big gulp of Diet Coke and the sunday paper. After clipping my coupons (yes, I am officially an old lady), I headed off to work for awhile. Then some more FASCINATING errands like a trip to Walgreen's and paying a $0.90 overdue fine at the library. Don't you wish your life was as exciting as mine?

Seriously though, it was kind of nice. One late night of fun, then some quiet days to deal with the random things associated with everyday life. This summer is going to be a busy one, so I'll take whatever calm I can get.