Answering the Call of Duty
Friday, June 13, 2008
My friend Jen over at MonkeyPosh tagged me earlier this week to fill out a blogging questionnaire. And when MonkeyPosh says jump, I say "How high, oh fabulous one?!" Because seriously, the woman has a room devoted entirely to her shoes. We are obviously kindred spirits.

So here we go, then...

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Hmm, mid-June, 1998. Let me think for a moment. I was busy taking classes at the local community college - business calculus, AGAIN, because I massively tanked it during the regular school year. I figured maybe the junior college version would be easier, or move slower for my non-mathematical brain. Not so much. DAMN YOU, MATH 134.

I was also dating this guy, M, with whom I'd been in unrequited love for at least 3 years. Our relationship lasted all of three dates, and we never even kissed. Awesome.

But mostly I was just killing a summer, wishing I could be traveling and teaching with all my dance instructor friends.

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
- Clean the microwave. (seriously, it's gotten really gross in there)
- Wash the green towels & sheets (that have been sitting in my front hall for at least a week)
- work
- put bills in the mail
- find the receipts for two shirts I need to return (both surprisingly cheap-looking in real life - the only downside of being an online shopper)

3. What are your favorite snacks?
I think the better question would be, "what AREN't your favorite snacks?" because I will eat just about anything.

Off the top of my head: pringles, ranch oyster crackers, carrots w/light Ranch dressing, Flipz, dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, All-Bran Garlic/Herb crackers, thin twist pretzels, pepperoni pizza Combos, Archer Farms organic fruit leather (esp. strawberry), 100-calorie packs (ritz blend is the best), edamame, anything with sour cream-n-onion flavoring, mini-snickers bites, this list could seriously continue forever, so I'll just stop here.

4. Who are some people you want to know more about?
This is a tough one, because I'm not naturally inquisitive about people. Events? Yes. Human interest stories and the oddities of the American culture? Yes. People in that culture? Not really. I guess it would be interesting to find out more about Jerry Springer (my one question would be, "Jerry, WTF?!"), Michelle Obama, the kids from TLC's Jon & Kate + 8, and my biological, paternal grandfather. But he's dead, so I guess that one will just have to wait.

5. Places I have Lived?
Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia

6. Things I Would do If I was a Billionaire
Where do I start?
- pay off the debt of anyone in my family (credit card, student loan, or otherwise)
- buy a house in Chicago, a flat in London, and a vineyard in Napa Valley, CA.
- get a hybrid car
- create very large trusts for my unborn children, as well as my sister's children
- buy one fabulous pair of high heels every month
- put down hardwoods in my condo and sell it immediately
- schedule a standing "family dinner" with my close friends (and their s. others) once a month at a fun restaurant, and pick up the tab every time
- open, fund, and run an animal shelter
- get at least 2 more dogs (one very small, one very large)
- open, fund, and run my own dance academy
- invest heavily in microloan providers in developing nations, as well as Heifer International and the Greater Chicago Food Depository
- volunteer for Open Books
- take lots of vacations comes the fun part. TAGGING. I'm going to be ambitious, and tag Tessie and AM.