Blogging SYTYCD
Thursday, June 12, 2008
This season is shaping up nicely, and looks like it will be very competitive. Sure, there are some definite clunkers in the crowd like Chris, Gev, Comfort, and Jamie (who is not even a poor man's Benji and dances like flat pop - okay at first, but ultimately disappointing), but I imagine the cream will rise to the top in the first several weeks. I just hope America doesn't keep crappy people around based solely on their personalities (Lacey Schwimmer, I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU).

That said, my favorite of the evening BY FAR was Kherington & Twitch dancing the Tyce D'Orio broadway number to "It's Too Darn Hot." They're not going to get very many brownie points from the young folks in the crowd, since those voters have most likely never heard of Kiss Me, Kate - or Cole Porter for that matter, but as for me, I literally couldn't tear my eyes away. Kherington has a spirit about her, and not just in her face (if Nigel tells one more blond girl that she "has a beautiful face," I will scream. Dirty old man.) Twitch was surprisingly enjoyable to watch as well - I think it was an excellent opportunity for him to showcase his versatility and whatever training he has received. When the routine was over, I actually laughed out loud and started clapping. By myself. The dog just looked at me like I had gone crazy.

I might actually be crazy, but that is entirely beside the point.
It's too bad that Twitchington is going to be vastly overshadowed by the Katee/Joshua hip hop number (which annoyed me because a couple before he goes off to war? hello? blatant pandering to an anti-war demographic - shame on you, napoleon and tabatha!). According to the SYTYCD bloggers, which basically serve as exit polls for the show, Katee and Joshua will win this week by a landslide.

As for me, I'm Team Twitchington, all the way,