The Have Nots
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
It's gloomy here today - hot, wet, rainy, and generally unpleasant. The day started off poorly enough when I failed to hear ANY of my three alarms. Sometimes when I'm really, truly, 100% tired, that happens. Fortunately I'm having an okay hair day, so no one at work has noticed that I didn't bother to shower. I made it to the office in a reasonable window of time where I was considered late, but not negligent.

Then I turned on my computer, and read this article. What does one say about this? How awful can a person be, or how awfully can a person treat others? Why hasn't a developed country just ordered a hit on this madman? I don't understand.

Suddenly, my day seemed a little brighter - not because I was happy that someone had it worse off than myself...but rather, because it was a stark reminder. A slap to the face. Shut up, Jamie, your hair and your lack of sleep mean nothing.

I cannot say that I comprehend the complex tribal relationships and cultural difficulties within most African nations, or how those issues influence their country's politics. I can say, however, that corruption thrives in Africa - in Zimbabwe but also in Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and several others.

I just wish there was something we could do for the people. I often wonder if Barack Obama (should he be elected as the next President) would turn some attention to the issues in Africa. He has clear ties to Kenya in particular, but seems engaged with African issues in a broader sense as well. And if he does turn his focus to Africa, what will happen in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It just feels so useless to hope. Shouldn't we be doing something more? Because I'm pretty sure my good vibes and positive thinking aren't going to mean jack shit to a child who watches her parents get murdered because they voted for Tsvangirai.