In Absentia
Monday, June 09, 2008
People who know me in real life often remark how different I am from my boyfriend Sean. I'm loud, he's quiet. I'm an open book, he's a journal. I wear my heart on my sleeve (accented by my horrendous poker face) and he is discreet and guarded. His face would be under "discretion" in the dictionary, mine under "spaz."

The differences between us are never quite so obvious as when he is out of town - something that happens regularly because of his chosen career. And while my natural independence keeps me mostly distracted during those stretches (I've never been accused of being clingy or needy, that's for sure), I have a little bit of trouble recalibrating myself when he leaves. The first time I really, truly missed him, I thought something was wrong - it was completely unnerving.

He departed today for another trip to India, this time for a month. Even as I drove away from the airport curb, something felt off. It was as if I had left my keys in the front door, or walked out of the house with no pants on.

So this time 'round, I have a goal - not just to keep myself idly busy, but to get out and get to know Chicago better. That's my job for June. I think I'll have lunch at the Billy Goat tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?