Loud & Proud
Monday, June 30, 2008
This weekend in Chicago saw the 2008 Gay Pride Festival & Parade. Although not quite as historical (or elaborate) as San Francisco's events, the celebration in Chicago is a big deal. A big, gay, important deal. I know this because I've lived at Newport & Halsted *and* at Addison and Broadway...both of which are basically on the parade route.

As such, I chose to celebrate all of my gay friends by staying as far away from Lakeview as possible. Because in hot, crowded settings that make moving around/driving/walking almost impossible, I am not a pleasant person to be with. Last year was almost unbearable - I got stepped on, inadvertantly sprayed with body glitter, almost vomited on, and yelled at. The body glitter was courtesy of a drunk woman who was, I believe, trying to spice up her mohawk, and shot me straight in the ear. (I had disco Q-tips for two solid weeks afterwards) I'm not good with hot weather and crowds, what can I say?

I hope, however, that all of my friends who attended (homosexual or otherwise) had a wonderful time. In honor of those people - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - here is a rainbow that I caught a few Sundays ago, driving south on Lincoln.