Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Last night, the results of my dog's genetic testing arrived. I was not surprised to find out that there is no single, dominant breed in his genetic background - which means neither of his parents were purebred pups. Not surprising, as he was found as a stray on the side of a highway in Michigan. I WAS surprised and shocked however to find that he is a non-majority mix of the following breeds:

1. Dachshund (Hound Group)
Not surprising on this front - he is overwhelmingly like a dachshund physically, meanwhile, displays very few of the typical dachshund personality characteristics.

2. Gordon Setter (Sporting Group)
I know nothing of Gordon Setters - I hope this is the breed representation that explains his mostly mellow personality, as well as his loyalty, affection, determined natures, and deep eyes.

3. German Shorthaired Pointer (Sporting Group)
The more I look, the more I think that the Pointer is visible in my dog where I once assumed his "black labrador" roots were - eager to please, and friendly. I also find it ironic that I've been thinking about putting the GSP breed on my short list of second dog possibilities. I guess I sort of already have one.

And most disappointingly of all of them...showing up in a minority percentage...

4. Poodle
I hate poodles. There is no nice way to say it, I just don't like them. I plan on ignoring all poodle characteristics and personality traits inherent in my dog's genetic makeup. That is all.

Most of all, I cannot believe this testing is even possible. Now at least I know what to tell people when they see him on the street and say, "aww, what kind of puppy is that?"

I'll say, "a dachshund pointer setter mix with a splash of poodle."

Or maybe I won't mention the poodle.