Tales of My Own Randomness
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
This past weekend, my neighborhood was overtaken by bibliophiles as the Printer's Row Book Fair ensued. I missed seeing (and meeting) one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Berg, which is upsetting because I wanted to verify the buzz that she brings homemade treats to her readings. Oh well - maybe next year.

Given my hatred for crowds (and slow people who walk aimlessly), it took an enormous amount of composure to even get out the front door and walk the damn dog. That said, I wandered a bit during a rare moment of patience, and procured the following titles:

All the Tea in Chicago, a spur-of-the-moment gift for my friend Adrienne (an Anglophile who married an adorable British lad)

For Members Only, a novel of which I'd previously heard, but never seen on a shelf.

The Streets & San Man's Guide to Chicago Eating, which I am ridiculously thrilled to read. BRING ON THE CHICAGO EATING SUGGESTIONS, BITCHES.

Jarhead, because it was $5, and I thought it might be a good idea to read the book prior to seeing the movie. No, I haven't yet seen the movie. Yes, I realize Jake Gyllenhaal plays the star character.

Heavy Words, Lightly Thrown, because I am a WORD NERD.

I also picked up a book as a gift for my friend Kate (tall Kate, not curly Kate) that has to do with her impending nuptials. If she wants it, she's going to have to tear herself away from her work and leave a comment below. (ha! take that, you overachiever, you!)

The Jamie-Jamerkins-Got-To-Read-This-Summer Reading List is being slowly constructed. Any suggestions?