V! Is Very, Very Extraordinary
Friday, June 27, 2008
Let's take this sucker punch of a week and drive it home with a list of things I'm loving today:

1. Another reason to love Devo

2. My upcoming trip to Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence/Pisa) with Sean, and how amazing it is going to be! I cannot wait. I am a very lucky girl.

3. Old Navy's massive summer sale. Adorable, versatile, comfortable sundress for $12? YES, PLEASE.

4. Retail Me Not - I haven't paid shipping & handling in 6 months. Seriously.

5. My newfound opinion that hating my legs is pointless. Therefore, I hereby declare the summer of 2008 free of all leg-related vanity. I bought a pair of shorts last week. I haven't worn shorts since 1998.

6. Castle Rock Pinot Noir - cheap, tasty, awesome.

7. The new DIY Dog Wash place in my neighborhood. Doc is not loving their really loud blowdryers (he pooped on the grooming table) but at least he's clean.

8. Holiday week next week! I'm all for US independence, especially when it includes independence of foreign oil. Ahem.

9. Last night's episode of My Boys in which the guys randomly compete to make the best shirt. This is absolutely something my guy friends in college would have attempted. SO funny.

10. Summer hours at work - When Friday rolls around and the clock strikes 1:00 pm, I'm off like a prom dress.