Weekend Update
Monday, June 23, 2008
Well, it's Monday, and OH HO I am cranky. I'm sure that comes as a big, fat ball of surprise to all of you. Or not. Whatever. I had one hell of a weekend - here's the synopsis.

Friday, I went to my sister's fabulous, new house to celebrate my niece Brianna's fifth birthday. She is five (!!!!) and now I officially feel old. I gave her a Play-Doh craft caddy, a box of rainbow Play-doh colors, and a copy of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. I give her a classic novel of some type and/or kind at each holiday - but was very tired of the rest of the family teasing me for buying Victor Hugo, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mark Twain. I figured Judy Blume was just as classic as Les Miserables, no?

Sadly, my gift was ultimately a dud as other, more child-savvy friends and relatives purchased gifts like Polly Pockets and other assorted bits of fantastic plastic. I left the party tipsy (because I like to compensate for being single and childless with lots of cheap wine) and an entire catering size salad from Olive Garden. Score!

Saturday, my best friend Kate was feted at her bridal shower. It was low-key, with great food and friendly people - what's not to like? Saturday night, I popped a muscle relaxer and zoned out, watching the Olympic Trials for women's gymnastics. (Go Chellsie Memmel!)

Sunday, I hung out with my friends - went to see Sex & The City: The Movie, and then out for a quick dinner. Overall? My buffalo chicken sandwich at The Daily Grill was better than many of the subplots of the movie. I think I'm more excited about seeing the DVD extras, when the movie gets released to DVD. I'm dying to see what they left on the cutting room floor. After dinner, I downloaded some new music, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be busy today listening to India.Arie, Miranda Lambert, and Coldplay on repeat.