Monday, June 02, 2008
Suddenly, it's summer in Chicago. Just like in the past, spring comes and goes in a flash - and now I'm sweaty walking four blocks from the eL to the office. Yuck.

This weekend was a doozy. I hosted book club on Friday - which went well, all things considered. I didn't manage to get the dog to the kennel, which meant he was underfoot for most of the evening. Miraculously, he didn't do anything stupid like poop indoors or steal food off of anyone's plate, so I'm happy about that.

Saturday, Sean came home from India. We took the dog on a monster walk around the park (well, monster for something that has 5 inch legs)- from my place to the lake, down the lake, then back again via Roosevelt Road, and northbound - home again. Doc learned how to look pathetic enough to garner sympathetic clucks from passerbys, and also how to drink from a water fountain. The weather was beautiful, so we ate dinner al fresco and called it a day.

We spent all day yesterday at my parents' house, celebrating the following holidays:
- my grandmother's 95th birthday (actually 6/7)
- my sister's wedding anniversary (5/30)
- my mother's birthday (5/29)
- my brother-in-law's birthday (5/29)
- belated Mother's Day
- early Father's Day

Needless to say, there was far too much good food consumed, and lots of verbal jabs made at my gift giving style. Sean and I missed the 5pm train back into the city (because I think I must have looked at the wrong schedule online) and ended up killing an hour at some bar in downtown Crystal Lake...we had a quick pitcher and played a video game version of cornhole/bags/etc. It was weird, and even electronically, I managed to suck at it just like I do in real life. Finally, we got on the train and came home.

Today is a big day for me at the-place-that-shall-not-be-blogged-about, so you'll forgive me if I ditch you all completely to concentrate on my non-virtual life. I'll be back in a couple days with more interesting content for you. Until then, this post will have to do.