Check Please
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
In an attempt to organize and compartmentalize my life, I recently made an enormous list of things I need to have done before I leave town again. Then Sean came home from India and I got busy with real life stuff, like you know, earning a paycheck...and before I knew it, my life had run off with me. This little ol' blog is fun and all, but when the shit really hits the fan, it's the first thing to go. What can I say? I'm only human.

Item of Business #1: The four-year-versary masthead is in development. When PhotoBucket stops being a complete TOOL and allows me to upload properly from my iMac, I'll be working more on moving it into production.

Item of Business #2: If you have not seen any of Pat & Gina Neely's shows on the Food Network, stop what you are doing and go turn the damn television on.

They are seriously funny, and perhaps my newest favorite cooking couple. Maybe my ONLY favorite cooking couple. I also enjoy how they deliberately bump hips when they're cooking. A well-timed hip bump spices up any everyday activity, don't you think?

Item of Business #3: Chicago summers suck donkey bellies (that's a shout out to my homefry Leta, of course). My hair has never been larger. And not really in charge. At all. Let's just say that I'm more than ready to chop it all off again, but I'm fairly certain my bride-to-be-best-friend Kate would NOT appreciate the unexpected visual of a 12-year old redheaded boy in a dress in her wedding photos. Whatever.

Item of Business #4: I caught an episode of Unwrapped earlier this evening (yes, Food Network, again - what of it?) and watched as Marc Summers discussed all things LEMON. I spent the entire time drooling uncontrollably on my desk until my surge protector exploded and my computer died. The end.

Seriously though, an entire episode on Lemon is just inhumane! I'm UNCONTROLLABLY salivating, and suddenly have a craving for 7-Up.

Item of Business #5: The office of Jamie Jamerkins, Esq. is now accepting your recommendations on the-one-item-you-cannot-travel-without. What is that one thing you take on any long trip? I am attempting to pack lightly, and am sorely in need of perspective. And a good, justifiable reason NOT to take 16 pairs of shoes with me to Italy.