Updated Holiday Recap: Freckletown, The Sequel
Sunday, July 06, 2008
This past weekend, I've spent my time in central Florida with my family. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with my parents, and my sister (and her adorable family), but I wasn't sure I wanted any part of my parents' newest snowbird adventure: a house in Florida. Because, IT'S FLORIDA. IN JULY. BLECCH.

Turns out, I can admit it when I'm wrong - because I was wrong. Florida can still be muggy and hot as hell...but when you're there with people you love, it's completely tolerable. It also doesn't hurt to be 1200 miles away from the crowds in Chicago.

We hit Sea World as a family, primarily because it's not Disney (I mostly hate Disney - not for lofty political, philosophical, or anti-capitalist reasons, but because I find animated characters REALLY ANNOYING), and had a grand old time. Really. It was cool. See?

We celebrated America's "birthday" at breakfast on Friday morning - french toast, enormous muffins, sausage, bacon, and lite maple Syrup. Because really, what is more American than a disgustingly fatty breakfast balanced out with reduced calorie condiments? NOTHING. Also, I bought some party hats to commemorate the occasion:

(when you're on vacation, you don't wear makeup. it's a rule i just created. shut up.)

This is how I spent my time during the fireworks display -

What can I say? Fireworks are nice and all, but after awhile, really not that interesting. I read this book (for book club) by the light of a fake, LED palm tree. Niiice.

I also picked up some bizarrely shaped color (read: sunburn) at the neighborhood pool. Jealous?

Hopefully it will fade soon. It looks like a drunk, blind person applied my spray-on Aveeno 45. Whoops.

Hope you all had a great weekend!