Moron in Training
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Last night, I am fairly certain that I was the worst focus group member in the entire world. We had a really interesting mix of people in my group, and I was so flustered by the people behind the one way mirror and the video camera moving around remotely, that I completely failed to make my point clear on several occasions.

I knew I was being watched, and it completely threw me off. I had all these fantastic observations and answers (our task was to provide feedback on the upcoming rebranding of a major petroleum/gasoline company) and NONE of them came out in a way that would reinforce my own intelligence. Instead, I sounded like an idiot. Awesome.

That said, who really gives a shit what a gas tanker LOOKS like, or how it makes me feel when I drive past it on the highway? I don't feel anything other than a twinge of guilt about not driving a hybrid. I mean, c'mon people - I am a packaging whore of the highest order - the Knights of Cosmetics Addiction. I KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK.

On the upside, we got Jolly Ranchers on the way out. I'm trying to think optimistically. This is me, taking it one day at a time.