Happy Birthday to Me
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
For those of you that weren't aware, this past weekend marked the 29th anniversary of my arrival into this wonderful, mixed up world. It was celebrated, for a short time, at the wedding reception of my good friends Kate and Dave. Kate (and my friends Jen and Kate) surprised me with a cake (chocolate on the inside - YESSSSSSSS). I thought I had escaped public embarassment until someone across the room started up, and before I knew it, the entire reception was singing.

For the record, those three women are the ONLY people on earth who are allowed to do something like that to me. Just so you know.

It was a fantastic birthday - thank you to Kate, Kate, and Jen for the cake. Also - thank you to everyone that dropped me a note on Facebook, sent me an email, called or texted, and to Babs and Adrienne for the cards!