Hot Button, Panic Button
Friday, August 29, 2008
I realize that I'm opening up a major bag of trouble here, but this morning, I was reading the Trib online, and happened upon a "webliography" of articles clarifying John McCain's position on reproductive rights. I wasn't looking for it, I swear.

But since I found it, I thought it best to share it with all of you. I'm voting democratic this election for many reasons, and I fully respect that reproductive rights are an INTENSELY personal issue for many. But I cannot imagine a shriveled, conservative, old white guy telling me what to do with my uterus. Ever. This is an issue I think about a lot - even the group of friends who I am closest to in this world disagree on the issue.

But here's my problem. I can't imagine ANYONE telling me what to do - white, black, green, purple, old, young, etc. Because it's MY BODY. It's MY CHOICE. It's MY LIFE. It's insulting to me on such a base, fundamental level to think that anyone would ever think I couldn't make the right decisions for my own health and welfare.

This is one of the few issues for which I would willingly become an expatriate of the United States. I don't really, TRULY get up on my high horse about much, but this issue is a dealbreaker for me. Click here to read the article if you've ever been confused about John McCain's position on women's rights.