In Absentia
Friday, August 01, 2008
Midday Saturday, a couple of United codeshare flights are going to whisk me out of town and into Italy. For whatever reason, this trip feels as if it was planned in five minutes, and has arrived so quickly I almost don't even know what to think. This vacation marks the very first time in my life where I have not stressed an OUNCE about the trip, what to pack, what to do, etc. It's as if it was meant to be - laid back, some tours, some down time, etc.

In short, I am SO excited.

I do not, however, want you all to be bored. While I'm gone, I'm going to do the only noble thing - redirect you to other blogs, of course. I've set up a new post every couple of days to enlighten you on the workings of some other quirky, brilliant mind - other than my own, of course. Ha. Shut up.

So I hope you all have a phenomenal week - I will be back (and perhaps posting for realzzz from Italy, we'll see) on the 12th. Ciao!