FFP Welcomes Another New Reader
Tuesday, September 02, 2008
This past Saturday, I did something brave.

I told a family member about my blog.

Now, this is sort of mindblowing because while my parents know about the blog, they think it's completely pompous and only occasionally read it (particularly my father, who is still angry with me about putting images of my face on the internet). They truly couldn't care less. And my sister (obviously) knows about it. But other than that, my readers are primarily outside my gene pool.

Until Saturday, when my beloved Aunt Judy asked me for the URL. She's new to a lot of the internet (not necessarily new to computers) and so I wrote down my site location. And I wasn't expecting it, but within 48 hours, she had emailed me asking how to comment, how to access archived entries, the works!

So in an effort to introduce her to all of you, here's what you need to know. Aunt Judy lives in Wisconsin, is (and always has been) politically active "on the left," and is married to a wonderful, wacky guy named Jim. Jim is a politically active lawyer, Judy was a social worker for many years. They are both retired, and while Jim enjoys collecting sports clothing and paraphenalia, Judy runs an antique store in her hometown. She's a sharply intelligent straight-talker. She is also my godmother.

Hi, Aunt Judy! Welcome to the inner workings of my mind! Hope it doesn't scare you. Love you!