Food, Water, Shelter
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
The logy middle ground is Wanty's wheelhouse. Certainly, there are times when you can instantly pinpoint what you want. You want health and happiness. You want a ham sandwich. Simple. Between the incredible and edible, though, somewhere between vast and speck, is where Wanty manufactures his dissolute brand of perfidy. Those medium deals are the ones that can break you. It's too tempting to fold up medium-size wants into neat little packets and tuck them away on a high shelf. Left unattended, they can go from hiccup to Hecate before you realize what boiled you alive.

I've been thinking a lot this past year about needs, wants, and all that messy in-between. And as much as I detest all things Oprah, this article (which was originally published in O Magazine) really spoke to me. I have SO been that wishy-washy "I want you to want what I want but I'm not going to tell you" person. This article really helps me understand how COMPLETELY IRRITATING that can be.