Much Needed Change of Topic
Thursday, September 04, 2008
Good Lord. I apologize for dragging you all along in my vain attempt to wrap my brain around this upcoming election. Let's chat about something a little less weighty, shall we?

I haven't blogged too much about my trip to Italy. Somewhere deep within the heart of my Type-A body lies a lazy travel blogger. I'm HORRIBLE at giving the play-by-play, simply horrible. But what I will tell you is this: I particularly liked Venice. As my friend Jen has said, "it's like being in a fantasy." And it is. There are also random things about Venice that just make me smile. Here is a list.

1. Strangely European hotel room keys

Our hotel was really fancy - right on the Grande Canal, and about as modern as European hotels get. But the thing that struck me as hilarious was our room key. It was a modern, push-it-in-the-door-and-wait-for-an-access-granted-beep key. You know, except that whole BROOM-SIZED attachment. Which, if you flipped it upside down, made an excellent miniature of Bob Marley's head.

2. Dachshunds everywhere!

I mean, really - who doesn't love a wiener dog? I am particularly biased towards these lovable goobers, but it would seem the Italians are as well. They were everywhere! This one was in the middle of Piazza San Marco, and very busy running after all the pigeons. So cute.

3. Venetian Gothic Architecture

In my personal, everyday life, I tend to prefer clean lines and a classically American style of furniture, design, etc. But hey - when in know? Some of the buildings there look like they leapt straight from the pages of a set designer's plan for the next Tim Burton film, but they are undeniably FABULOUS. And the detail! I could stare at the Doges Palace or the Basilica for hours. Just when you think you've seen some complex facade, you turn a corner and there's another spectacular one, just waiting to be investigated.

4. Losing perspective on scale & balance completely

Since Venetian buildings are not very high - lagoon soil, after all, cannot support much weight - the city itself tends to feel small at first, then grow in your brain. So when Sean and I took a boat tour, we were shocked to see a cruise ship pull through the Grande Canal on its way to port. The sheer size of the thing was a jarring image - this picture doesn't even really get across the juxtaposition of the ship and San Giorgio Maggiore (the island and church across the way). It was CRAZY.

Since we've come back from vacation, I have been keeping ridiculously busy. Every other day or so, I'll flip through my photos and think about what an amazing trip it was. It was definitely a dream vacation.

Where do YOU dream about traveling someday?