Mama Needs a S'More
Thursday, September 11, 2008
So Sean and I are off again this weekend on another adventure - to Indianapolis for the Red Bull MotoGP Race Event. When he bought the tickets (a long time ago), I thought to myself, "Camping! I haven't been camping in forever! Fun!" And I do truly love camping, in case you just thought I was being sarcastic.

Now that our trip is imminent, I have to admit that I'm a little dubious. I packed up all our stuff last night, and I'll be frank - for two people, we have a lot o' crap. When I started putting all the gear in one place, to get ready to pack the car, I was astounded at the volume of STUFF that was sitting there. It was like those toy sponges that start out in a capsule form (usually out of a $.25 vending machine), then explodes into the shape of a baby elephant! You know what I'm talking about? It is truly mindblowing.

That said, we're not *exactly* roughing it. We are taking Aerobeds, and our tent is 12' X 12'. But still. I keep running through the item list in my head, wondering if perhaps I've overpacked, but I really don't think so. Just five minutes ago, I actually realized I never packed pillows. GREAT. SOMETHING ELSE HUGE AND BULKY TO STICK IN THE CAR. HOW DID TWO PEOPLE ACCUMULATE SO MUCH CRAP?! HOW?!

Hopefully it will all feel a lot less STUFFY when we get there, and get set up. Until then, I'll be over here, breathing heavily into a paper bag.