Official Retraction
Tuesday, September 02, 2008
So in my hatred of the miscommunications on both sides of the hotly contested American political situation, I have made some pretty judgmental statements. One of those was talking about how formal and stiff John McCain looks while holding a microphone.

This evening, while watching MSNBC's coverage of the RNC, I found out that John McCain's arms were repeatedly broken, twisted, and used as instruments of torture during his time spent as a POW in Vietnam. Despite my research on all of his views, his platforms, his record of voting...I never came across this fact. I sit/stand corrected, and would like to withdraw all previous judgment of his oratory posture.

Despite the fact that I think John McCain is a pandering, elitist, out-of-touch, conveniently forgetful, harshly unforgiving asshat, I would NEVER deliberately make light of what he sacrificed for the freedom and democracy that our country has been afforded. So please accept my apologies, dear conservative readers. I'll never vote for him, but I do think he deserves our respect.