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Thursday, September 04, 2008
"Absolutely nothing of value. I am saddened that this woman who has such an unbelievable forum to discuss women's issues could only muster conversation around being a Hockey Mom. Where's her position on equal pay. Obama had the class to be gratious to her, sadly, her only tactic is to attack. Thats not the woman I wish to represent me."

"the whole "drill baby drill" chant frightens me to the core."

"So many negative attacks and such little substance. It is depressing to see this."

"Disgusting speech filled with hatred. Where is your substance Palin? The whole RNC has been nothing more than a bashing-fest and a poor attempt in trying to scare people into voting for their poor excuse for a ticket. Where is the integrity? As a Christian, I am disgusted by this level is bashing."

"How very, very sad that the GOP continues to appeal to the fears and prejudices of the American people. I pray we are a better nation than that."

"The Obama campaign has McCain all wrong. This isn't four more years of George W. Bush. This is worse."

"I have been watching this for days to determine how I should vote. Palin's speech has been the deciding factor for me. Aside from the issues, she has about as much experience as my next door neighbor. I can't believe she has the nerve to ignore the obvious and come out as if she isn't a bit aware of the fact that hardly anyone knows who she is and she hasn't earned the standing to be attacking other's experience. The only thing that I have seen that is similar is George Bush's complete obliviousness to the public view.

I'm feeling mixed about Sarah Palin's speech. As a woman, I really want to give her the benefit of all the doubt people are throwing around. Unfortunately, she did very little last night to prove herself as a politician or role model. There was no reason for the overall tone of snark from either herself OR NY's own messiah, Rude-y Guiliani. I hope Palin realizes that by showing disrespect to the Democrats, she has lost what little faith I had in her as a leader and a professional, powerful woman. I'm just so disappointed in her. I wanted so badly for her to prove us all wrong, and instead, she turned out to be just another puppet.