Blissed Out
Monday, October 27, 2008
Is it wrong that a weekend "away" in the suburbs would be the most relaxing I've possibly had all year?

I have spent most of 2008 stressed out by the city. While I am sure most urban dwellers feel this way from time to time, I really haven't been able to shake it. Essentially, I think my city days are numbered.

So you can imagine what motivated my decision to take a completely blank weekend (yesssss!) and spend it at my parent's house in the suburbs. I was able to run a couple really crucial pre-holiday errands, and park at the store! For free! Really! Also, I picked up some enormous honeycrisp apples to munch on (at Wal-Mart, of all places). But mostly I was able to hang out with my parents, which was great. We chatted about nothing much at all for hours, lazed around each morning with coffee and the paper, and laughed at the antics of my bizarre, not-quite-there dog.

Of a fairly tightly-knit nuclear family, I am the one who lives the furthest away. I am the youngest. I am the odd man out on occasion, which is cool by me - after all, I've chosen to live my life this way. Resultingly, I get wrapped up in the pace of the city, and forget that I really don't see my family *that* often.

It's so nice to be able to shut my city life down for a short time, and experience the other side of the equation - laughter, wind through the trees, eating lunch in my pajamas, and trying to keep the dog from eating fallen leaves. I feel totally revitalized, and ready to tackle a busy November!