Heavenly Day
Monday, October 20, 2008
In an uncharacteristic fit of optimism, Chicago resident Jamie, aged 29, decided today that Monday was not going to get her down. Instead of grousing and swearing up and down that no eye cream was sufficient for her undereye baggage, she will instead look to the bright side of life and eschew her extra 32 oz. of fountain Diet Coke. Progress thus far includes: deep breaths of cool, morning air, the playing of a newly created "good mood" iPod playlist at her desk, and trying to greet everyone with a smile and not her usual (inadvertantly) harried-looking, furrowed brow stare.

Plans of future happiness include finishing all her undone laundry, finally(!) putting away the last of the camping gear, watching television in fleece pants with a warm pup at her feet, and maybe a late night homemade decaf mocha. There are also allegedly plans to play Patty Griffin tunes and perhaps read part of a new book. She doesn't promise all of these things "checklist-style" because she feels this only increases her general stress level.

Just an update. Next up on your afternoon news? Hell may have frozen over. But newly optimistic Jamie insists that it will only help boost ice skate sales! Really!