Two Palin Mispronunciations Causing Me to Turn Off the Vice Presidential Debate
Thursday, October 02, 2008
Alternate Title: Georgia Bush Rolls Into St. Louis

Backup Alternate Title: In Which I Realize a Large Glass of Chardonnay Will Be Necessary in Order for me to Watch This Debate and Not Throw Loose Household Items at Sarah Palin's Head on my Television Screen

1. Nuclear pronounced MULTIPLE TIMES "nuke-yu-lur"
2. Kim Jong Il pronounced "Kim Chung Il" (I mean, c'mon, the little guy is clearly a whackjob, but his name's not that hard to say)

Other observations (live blogging style)
- I don't think Joe Biden's teeth are real. I'm just sayin'.
- Sarah Palin's hair looks gorgeous. Really pretty braid in back, seriously! I love it!
- I would Governor Palin to stop saying that she respects Joe Biden. That's nice and all, but this isn't a beauty pageant. Once is enough. OKTHXBAI

postscript: GAH JFKSJF IAOJFWPEAFKDJ AFLKDJSFA!!!!!! SHE KEEPS SAYING NUCULER! My brain is seriously leaking out of my ears.