Get out the Lead...and Vote
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
To me, voting is such an integral symbol and part of what being "American" means. I know people who, for some reason, choose NOT to exercise their right to vote. I don't understand it. Successful democracy requires accountability and participation.

This morning, I voted for me. For my country. For my unborn children. For the people who live in other countries that are not permitted to vote. For the hope that some day, democracy will be the rule and not the exception - especially in countries and cultures where it is desperately needed and an appropriate means to political stability.


If you can, please vote today. Take a book. Stand in line. Talk on the phone. Because it matters. Because one person (or 537 people) really can make a difference. YOU can make a difference.

The sign for my street

Have a great day, everyone - and for those of you in Chicago - stay safe tonight.