Random Thoughts for a Wednesday
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
- When I wrote this post last night, someone was actively reading my site from the Hampton Inn in Bellevue/Seattle, WA. Hello, pacific Northwesterner! I am watching you (but not in a creepy way)! SiteMeter is my new crack.

- I take an enormous chewable calcium/vitamin D supplement before bed every night, as I'm doing my pre-bed internet surfing. I wonder...does this make me OLD because I take a multi-vitamin, or YOUNG because I'm online nearly all the time? Or do the two cancel one another out?

- I have no idea what to wear to Sean's company holiday party. HALP! I broke my trusty party dress at the wedding this past weekend. No, I don't know how. Me thinks a fashion show and reader vote might be in order next week.

- Facebook cracks me up. Call it what you will - that shit is entertaining.

- I have been intermittently thirsty for the last two weeks. I have no idea why this is, but I've had more water in the past month or so than I had all throughout college. Instead of making me feel hydrated and refreshed, I mostly just feel bloated.

- I am dreadfully behind on NOT ONLY my annual holiday card photo, but also my holiday shopping. I blame this situation on my complete and total lack of free cash for things other than bills and groceries.

- Googling images of "sand flea bite" and "fire ant sting" bring up some pretty unpleasant images. Just so you know.