Weekend Getaway
Sunday, November 16, 2008
Earlier this evening, I returned home from a trip to Florida to find snow flying in the air. We Chicagoans have had a really good run of it this year - a long summer, with an uncommon warmth extending into late October. But that is now over, and I all I have to warm my heart (if not my hands and face) are the memories of a very special weekend. (click on any photo to be carried over to my Flickr page)


On Saturday, one of my very best friends from high school celebrated her wedding in Florida. Jennifer left Illinois after high school to chase her dreams of equine greatness in the south, and promptly decided to stay there. After spending time there, I can see why - she's made an amazing life for herself with a fine, intelligent man who became her husband. Mark is originally from South Africa, which put a really unique and interesting spin on the event - particularly the food. As it turns out, his family is just as friendly and gracious as hers and it is not at all surprising that they are so well suited for one another.


We might not get down to Florida as often as we would like to, and she keeps busy and can only come up north on a rare occasion, so it was such a great way to have been able to spend some time. The celebration lasted late into the evening and culminated in some rather unfortunate gastrointestinal fireworks by yours truly. (I would later find out that I was not the only one similarly afflicted. Stupid chardonnay.) Maybe next time we travel to visit Jen and Mark, I will be able to keep my amazing catering down. It's good to have goals in life, yes?

Bright and Beachy

I will continue to post bits and bobs of information from the trip throughout the week - mostly to keep myself mentally warm and pretend I am still there - but for now, I'll leave you with my favorite photo from the trip:


Congratulations to a dear friend, who deserves nothing but the best. Next time, please remind me to drink beer.