So Umm...?
Thursday, December 04, 2008
I was just, umm, wondering something tonight. Let's say, HYPOTHETICALLY, that you'd put your handwash-only dishes out on the kitchen to dry one night and left them for maybe 24 hours.

Then let's say - AGAIN, HYPOTHETICALLY - that you came home after work and noticed that a bug of unknown origins had found its way to the underside of one of your George Foreman "The Next Grilleration" removeable grill plates? And died there - potentially minus a head. ??? What would you do?

Would you calmly remove the aforementioned insect and rewash your grill plate? Or would you freak out, frantically google a bad description of the bug, and then run off to your computer to blog about it? (In this HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE you are a nearly 30-year old female who lives on an upper floor of a highrise building in downtown Chicago and cannot imagine why bugs are in your concrete-lined apartment in the dead of winter)


Update: I keep looking at the photo and wondering why the bug has a set of stingers/antennae/feely thingies where its head should be. Is it a strange mutant form of a normal bug? Does it live in my garbage disposal? Will it breed babies in sizes that increase with each generation, and eventually exit my plumbing and eat me in my sleep? Should I feed it some sugar water? SEND HELP.