Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Thanks to everyone who texted or called me yesterday to send their good vibes. Everything went swimmingly with the operation, and my Dad is resting as comfortably as possible at the hospital. Once he clears the Physical Therapy basic hurdles (walking, sitting, standing independently), he'll be cleared to go home. We anticipate that will happen on Friday morning.

Thank you again everyone for the kindess. I thought I might crumble when I first visited him in recovery - lying there, covered in wires and tubes - but as I walked in, he was giving one of the nurses a hard time and I knew that he was just fine. When it comes to my father, cantankerous = healthy. I didn't just randomly acquire my sense of humor...it was inherited. Hehe.

Another small note to Chicagoans - while we were waiting out the transition from the OR to the recovery, my mother and I ate dinner at Caliterra. We figured it'd be easiest to hit one of the hotel restaurants near the hospital, and happened upon this hidden gem. It was seriously amazing - braised short ribs with a barolo demi and horseradish creme fraiche for me, and an open-faced filet sandwich w/microgreens for my mom. And this was off of their pre-dinner "light fare" menu! AMAZING. It was slightly pricey, but let's be honest - we mostly just wanted a cocktail to celebrate. Dinner was an added bonus. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.