From Soup to Nuts
Thursday, January 08, 2009
From the moment I unwrapped my green dutch oven on Christmas morning, I knew there would be many soups in my immediate future. Up until then, I was always bummed to see an awesome soup recipe in a magazine, or the newspaper, because I knew I really couldn't make it the way IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MADE in a non-stick pasta pot. (local headline: Unnecessary and Categorical Perfectionism and OCD Tendencies Thwart Local Woman's Attempt to Follow Appealing Recipes) I just had this feeling that while you can fake cooking something easy, like pasta, in anything that can hold boiling water, you can't mess around with soup. The soup will know, and it will teach you a lesson.

Put simply in blogging terms: NO DUTCH OVEN = FAIL

So you can imagine how anxious I became when I got my January issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. It was full of delicious, cozy soups perfect for the winter weather. All of a sudden, there is was - a light version of Italian Wedding Soup and it was done. I knew it had to be the first soup I ever made - you know, now that I was fully equipped.

A couple days later, I made the soup (ironically at full suggested serving size, which was far too large for my beloved dutch oven) and lo, it was incredibly delicious. I cannot recommend it enough! The turkeyballs were perfectly flavored - full of parmesan cheese, which made them lighter and smoother...there was a ton of flavor, and a full bowl was as satisfying to me as a full plate of pot roast. Only healthier. For those of you that don't subscribe, I scanned my tearsheet of the recipe for you to view below. (ignore my nerdy notes to myself, i do it with every recipe I cook)

I can't figure out how to rotate the damn picture - click to enlarge, and my apologies for the crick in your neck.

So the lesson is this: I am clearly insane for thinking a regular old pot wouldn't make great soup. Also? Stop reading my blog and make this recipe immediately!