Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Like most women, I have a love/hate relationship with handbags. I love them, but hate how expensive they can get. I mean really - other than maybe being made of really beautiful leather, what is so special about any particular handbag? Is it lined with the skins of mythical elfin creatures? Are the fixtures encrusted with diamonds, or maybe unicorn hoof chips? I don't get it. Target has cute stuff that looks almost identical to things you can find at Macy*s, Neimans, Saks, and so on. It'll be made of something smelly and synthetic, like PVC, but you really can get the look for less. Really!

That said, I spend a fair chunk of my down time window shopping online. I like to keep up on what is stylish, and I may or may not visit this bag that I've been drooling over in the store on occasion. I've been dreaming lately about the perfect hobo (I don't have a hobo in my stable) so you can imagine how I swooned and fell hard when I saw this AMAZING Chloe bag featured on Bag Snob.

But reality is exactly that, and I know that while it may be just fine for some people to spend $500-2000 on a purse, I could never do it. Unless I win the lottery, or someday can completely squander part of my yearly bonus without remorse. (also? that will never happen. oh well) It just doesn't make any sense at this point in my life. But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream, right? Everyone has *something* they dream about having someday...