Rock Yourself to Sleep: Single V. Married
Friday, January 09, 2009
Here's a dilemma for you - please allow me a moment to paint the picture so that your contextual knowledge of the dilemma in question is complete. So there I was - Thursday night. Black sweatpants, company tee, grey old man belted, cable cardigan, and run-down slippers. Hair in half-assed ponytail. 2 glasses of red wine consumed. Dog asleep on bed.

It's your classic single woman conundrum, really. The song "How Long" by the Eagles started playing (I had my iTunes playing on shuffle while I did some work at my desk) and I decided to take an upbeat lap around the condo dancing. I may, or may not, have done the monkey. Whatever. The point is this:

If I were married, would this be one of those moments where my husband jumps up from watching the end of the football game and starts dancing around with me like an idiot...or is this one of those moments where it's better to be single? Because my dance skills, in a technical sense, aren't bad. But my dance SKILLZ, in a casual sense, are...umm...quirky.

You tell me - should I be glad that I was alone and, therefore, free of spousal ridicule? Either way, it was fun. SINGLE FTW!