Tuesday, February 10, 2009
So I've been working out more than normal for the past few weeks, and while I've shed some water weight, the pounds just have not been coming off as they have in the past. Some of this can be attributed to my increased age (compared to the last time I tried to gradually lose weight), but the rest is going to be a puzzle.

So I'm majorly watching my calories (courtesy of my existing Weight Watchers knowledge) and working out. I've accumulated a plethora of dvds, tapes, and so on. And now I'm putting them to good use. But I have to put this out there - INADVERTANT PRODUCT REVIEW COMING! ! ! - tonight, I did the NYCB Workout 2 for the first time in a loooong time. The breakdown on the DVD is this - awesome, AWESOME abs section that justifies the purchase price all by its lonesome, and some great stuff for glutes. Other than that, meh. (shrugs) Whatever. I can't decide if I hated it because I was sucking at it, or whether it just isn't very good. Not only was it completely depressing how weak I've allowed my core and back to get, but it was frustrating that I really struggled with the ballet combo at the end. The things that used to come so easily to me are now a very real struggle - with a healthy side dish of shame.

I know getting healthy can be an uphill battle, but this DVD was a serious downer. I think I'll hold off on the ballet at home for the foreseeable future.

I've been saying for that past month or so that I wouldn't set foot inside a studio until I got back into shape - even partially. Now I know that I was RIGHT. I need some serious work. I don't know if I'm hard on myself b/c dancers can be notoriously difficult on themselves when it comes to performance - or if I'm just ashamed of how far down I've permitted myself to slide. Either way, I'm going to fix it. I AM GOING TO MAKE IT BETTER, so help me God (or Jillian Michaels, whichever).