I Sure Hope They Recycle
Monday, February 02, 2009
I live in an area of town that has MANY transient residents - students, specifically. Within a mile of my condo, there are 6 universities and/or colleges, so needless to say, I see a lot of students every day. Did you know they *literally* wear their pajamas pants outside? I always joke about having done that in college, but it's more for emphasis than reality - I always managed to at least pull on a pair of wrinkly jeans. And my classes were across the street from my house! Sheesh.

That said, I am noticing that college kids drink an inordinate amount of Arizona Iced Tea. I have yet to be in the checkout line at my local 7-11 and NOT seen some skinny jean'ed, backpack-wearing, too much eyeliner'ed student buying a HUGE can or bottle of Arizona Iced Tea. What is in that stuff, anyhow? Crack?! I had some once, and vaguely recall thinking it wasn't all that great.